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Q) Why should I have a security system?

A) Most thieves will have a look for any security before attempting to break into your property. The fact that you have an alarm system and/or CCTV will be enough to deter them. If they do break in, the alarm will activate and will greatly reduce the time they have to steal from you.

Q) Will there be much disruption while the work is being carried out?

A) There will be some disruption, however with modern wireless systems this is kept to a minimum. We have many years of installing security systems in commercial and residential properties and will always treat your home with respect.

Q) How trustworthy are your engineers? Can I go out whilst you do the work?

A) All of our engineers are CRB checked and of course our customer’s confidentiality is standard policy to us. We pride ourselves on our reputation so as long as you are happy to leave us alone on-site with a contact number for emergencies, then we are happy to just do the work and call you when it’s complete.

Q) How quick is the install of an alarm system?

A) It all depends on the size and what kind of system we are installing. A wireless system will take roughly ¾ of a day for the average house. Fully wired systems can take considerably longer due to the need for a cable to be run to each device. The only way to give an accurate estimate is to have a free site survey.

Q) I have a system installed by another company, can you take over the repairs/servicing?

A) In most cases, yes. Some companies lock the programming so no other companies can access the system.

Q) Can you quote over the telephone?

A) We would rather do a free visit and do a full survey as every property differs. We will also conduct a basic electrical safety check to see if your electrics have the basic safety requirements needed for us to connect our system to. We can give approximate prices over the telephone but it is important to note that it will only be an estimate.

Q) Will it be a salesman that calls?

A) No we do not use sales people. The person that attends site to quote will more than likely be the person that installs your system. There will be no hard selling on our behalf and we pride ourselves on giving honest advice.

Q) I am interested in having a security system installed, what is the next step?

A) Please call us or email and we will discuss your requirements with you further and after your free, no obligation survey, will provide a quotation which will detail all of our recommendations.